June 23, 2014
Deadline:  July 23, 2014

Duties:  Implement and facilitate SIPA's behavioral and mental health program, providing counseling services, emotional support, and advocacy services for families and children.  Work with individuals and groups, and counsel them to prevent child neglect and child abuse, and promote the optimum behavioral and mental health of children.  Create and maintain relationships with other professionals on each client case to ensure an effective and coordinated support services response that best meets the special needs of clients.  Conduct client intake (personal histories, parental information, clients' special needs) and manage client assessment (establish clients' treatment plans, document clients' progress, strengths, and needs) in a timely and accurate manner.  Create and implement therapeutic internetions for the purposes of fostering better behavioral and mental health for all clients.  Develop and update goal-oriented treatment plans, provide requisite resources and services, and follow up with families and children who require health services to ensure a successful outcome.  Perform all other counselor duties, including adhering to all legal, ethical, and professional practice standards; attending various planning, training, and coordination meetings, and staying current with developments in psychology, behavioral and mental health and SIPA's client services/program activities.  Develop and monitor after school, case management, and counseling programs.  Work under the supervision of a licensed Clinical Supervisor and report to the Director of Programs.
Requirements:  Master's degree or equivalent in Psychology, Counseling, or a closely related mental health field, plus two (2) years of counseling experience, providing services to families and children in community settings; working with child abuse, neglect, and trauma issues; developing therapeutic interventions and treatment plans; collaborating with other professionals on client cases; and documenting clients' progress, strengths, and needs.

Send resume to D. Gamoning, Director of Operations, 3200 W. Temple Street, Los Angeles, CA 90026