Housing & Real Estate Development

Since 1998, SIPA has partnered with numerous developers, public agencies and private investors to develop 138 units of affordable housing throughout the greater Historic Filipinotown neighborhood. These projects include:

Normandie Village, SIPA’s first affordable housing project was completed in 1998. The 16-unit complex, complete with a courtyard containing a children’s playground and an adjacent community room has been awarded the National Special Projects Award by the Urban Land Institute.

El Centro Loretto, a 76-unit complex in Silverlake, opened its doors to low income families in 2004. SIPA provides residents of the project with both on and off-site programs including case management, health and skills building workshops and afterschool and recreational programs. SIPA partnered with developer Neimann Properties and funding for the project was provided by the Los Angeles Housing Department, the Housing Authority of the County of Los Angeles and the National Equity Fund.

Magnolia on Lake, SIPA newest project, was completed in 2008 and provides 45 units of affordable housing to low income families. It was completed in partnership with Advanced Business Solutions and partially funded by the Los Angeles Housing Department and the Federal Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program.

Future Development Projects:

Temple Gateway Youth and Community Center: SIPA plans to completely redevelop its headquarters to accommodate a wide range of programs and services for the Historic Filipinotown community. The new facility will include instructional, arts/performance and recreational space as well as updated offices for SIPA’s Health and Human Services, Outreach and Community Economic Development programs.

Norse Dairy: SIPA remains in a partnership on the 2.4 acre former Norse Dairy property on the 1900 block of Temple Street. SIPA plans to work with partners Temp West, Inc. and the Little Tokyo Service Center on a project that will eventually offer a wide variety of market rate and affordable housing opportunities as well as over 20,000 sq. ft. of commercial space.

For more information on SIPA’s Housing and Rea Estate Development projects and plans, please contact (213) 382-1819, Ext. 118.