Consumer Services

With the support of the LADWP, SIPA’s Save Energy Program provides energy-saving information and incentives to community members and their families as encouragement to reduce their water use and energy consumption in their home. SIPA conducts outreach at various events and workshops to engage the
community in such practices, as well as introducing any applicable discount programs and/or rebates offered by LADWP.

The Keep SIPA Green campaign engages youth and clients to get into "greener" habits in their daily life, beginning with recycling and reducing the water + electricity use around SIPA!


We help community members save money by removing unnecessary charges on their phone bills. Some cases include overcharges due to misrepresentation, misleading ads, or unauthorized charges by third parties. As a result, we help people save valuable time since we call customer service as a liaison for the client. We also provide help regarding problems with phone cards. This free assistance is available to anyone with a landline or wireless phone. This service is available in Tagalog and English.