SIPA’s Youth Enrichment Program provides homework help, counseling, and fun activities for kids of all cultural backgrounds, ages 6 to 12. Workshops include arts and crafts, science, nutrition, Philippine cultural games, and more!

Monday through Friday, 3pm to 6pm
Location: 1021 North Hoover Street, Los Angeles, CA 90029
Contact: Angela Barrios, Program Specialist  -   213.382.1819 x125

SIPA’s Hip Hop DELTA Program helps develop youth and young adults into well-rounded leaders through dance, technology, and empowerment workshops. Come and learn, make new friends, and   perform as part of the SIPA Crew family!
DELTA Schedule—all classes are FREE and take place at SIPA
Hip Hop Dance w/ David Lee & Lily Frias: Wednesdays, 5:30p-7p
Hip Hop Dance w/ Ray Basa: Fridays, 5:30p-7p (ongoing)
Empowerment Group w/ Stephanie: Every 4th Friday
Contact: Stephanie Van, Counseling Coordinator -   213.382.1819 x112

SIPA supports Small Business Development by providing technical assistance to aspiring and existing businesses. We offer Individual Coaching, an 8-module Entrepreneurial Training Program (ETP) and Workshops!
Counseling sessions by appointment.
Contact: John Swing, Business Development Specialist -   213.382.1819 x103

SIPA along with the Crusaders for Christ Baptist Church regularly hosts a Weekly Food Distribution Program at its community center to help provide food assistance to low- and mid-income households in the local area.
This program is open to the public and all eligible participants are welcome!
Every Friday from 3PM to 5PM
Contact: Ana Jayme,  Program Manager -   213.382.1819 x115

SIPA provides brief yet comprehensive Case Management Services that assist clients in connecting with community resources by helping identify specific social services to meet individualized needs.      

We will do our best to provide support in navigating the concerns that are most important to you!

Case Management sessions are by appointment and participants have to meet eligibility requirements.

Contact : Shelina Miranda, Program Specialist -   213.382.1819 x124